Monday, June 2, 2014

When you have no other means of finding new people to teach, what do you do?
Knock on people's doors and ask them if they want a better life. Man, that is so weird. Can you believe we do that? We go door to door and invite people to change their lives. The craziest part is how much we are rejected. Studying Christ's life is starting to drive me nuts because of how the people rejected HIM! He did miracles and they wanted him to leave because they didn't like what he was teaching. "The wicked taketh the truth to be hard." No one likes being told that they need to change their ways, but come on! He's the Son of God! You seriously think that a devil could give a blind man sight?? No. It is God's power and his authority that Christ acted by. Man, I wish people weren't so blind.

The doors keep shutting and the clouds above us get darker. Soon the warm wind picks up and we know it's coming. Down the rain pours and we are instantly soaked. What do we do? Keep knocking. People look at us like we're nut because we've got these huge smiles on our faces as we stand soaking on their porch. Sister Richardson is originally from Tucson and so we both have a great love for the rain. We were loving it! It was hot anyway and we needed to cool down. A couple of people said that we could come back at a better time and we were excited. Woohoo!! The potential of someone accepting the gospel into their lives!!! YES!!

The thunder and lightening was starting to get a little intense and so we decided it we should probably go home and have dinner.

This week we had the potential of having well over 20 lessons and almost all of them fell through. We expected to get 13 new investigators with all the appointments we set and people we found and ended up with 1. Isn't that crazy?? I don't know what it was about this last week but things did not turn out like we planned. Luckily, I have an awesome companion that has a smile on her face no matter WHAT and it was probably one of the most fun weeks we've had together. Sadly, it's the end of the transfer and she is being transferred to Potosi, Missouri. She's been here a long time though and needs to experience other places in the mission. She'll do great out there.

My new companion is named Sister Sims... I think. I know absolutely nothing about her but will meet her Wednesday! Yay! Opportunities for growth! I love change!

Last night we went to Rich's Pentecostal church because he invited us. The Elders came too and it was.... an experience. People speaking in tongues and shaking and falling to the ground. Hahaha! We were all kind of weirded out. It was a good learning experience. :)

I'm out of time again. Oh and it's Sister Richardson's birthday today! :) She's 21! I love her!!!

Soaked to the bone.

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