Monday, May 26, 2014

We live on the fifth floor of our apartment complex and because I like to be healthy I have us take the stairs. My companion hates it. Every single morning when we leave and get halfway down the stairs or to the bottom Sister Richardson stops and tells me we have to go back up the stairs to get something she forgot. 85% of the time it's her nametag that she forgot. Other times it's the phone. Some days she doesn't even know she forgot it until I tell her. Like on Sunday when she was sitting up on the stand during sacrament meeting because she plays the organ. I looked at her and noticed she didn't look like a missionary because she had no tag on. Once I caught her attention I used sign language to tell her that she forgot her nametag. It was pretty funny. Other times she has left the phone at someone's apartment and we will have to drive all the way back to get it. I have never known someone so forgetful and so easy-going! She is so happy all the time and just doesn't care if things go wrong. It's awesome!!!! Whenever we have appointments fall through or people drop us she's just fine with it. It's amazing. I am learning so much from her and am so grateful that she is teaching me to be patient and just go with the flow.

Here's how our investigators are doing...

Brenda is right on track for baptism. She's doing awesome. We read the kids "Book of Mormon Stories" book with her that has pictures in it and she totally is getting the stories still. It's awesome.
Beth is doing well but still hasn't been to church yet. Not sure how we're going to help her get work off on Sundays since she was hired to work on the weekends. We'll just keep prayin.
Sherry is doing well! She came to church on Sunday! Oh and so did Kaitlynn!
Rich re-broke his neck. Figures. He was probably on another beer run. Poor guy :(
Maxine may or may not actually be listening to what teach her. She's really old and just can't hear that well. We are not sure if we are going to keep teaching her.
Velvet is in the hospital.
Donna has crazy parents.

.....SO! We are working on finding new investigators!

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