Monday, July 29, 2013

This last week was great. We found a lot of new investigators and the work is picking up again. We got two investigators to come to church and a less active! Woop! We also set a baptismal date with Donna's son Brandon! He's getting baptized on the 23rd of August! We are super excited.
Tuesday we taught Steve in his tree house! Steve is 66 and is keeping his commitments. He reads from the Book of Mormon but gets frustrated when he doesn't understand. The member that joined our lesson, Brother Tripp, gave him the perfect advice. He asked him if he tried praying. That lead into the rest of our lesson that was about Heavenly Father and praying to him. He's excited to learn and we have faith that his relationship with God is growing.
Wednesday we went to mutual because they had a BBQ and were all told to bring their non-member friends. A lot of them came and we got to do some ice blocking- which was really fun. Once people started to leave we realized it was getting late and we told the Elders and they said, "We only have to be home by 9:30 if we're teaching a lesson." So I said, "Let's teach a lesson then!" Of course this conversation was loud enough for the non-member girls to hear and I asked them casually if we could teach them about the gospel. "Sure!" the two of them responded and we sat down in the grass and taught them the restoration with their friend who is a member. Sister Linton and I did a tag team lesson with the Elders and it was fun to teach with four people. The spirit was strong and the girls said they would really look into the church. At the end of it their friend that invited them bore her testimony and it was awesome to see her sharing this with her close friends. The girls live in the Elders area so they will be the ones teaching them but it was a cool experience and I'm excited to hear about their progression.
We also talked to Alexandra who came with a kid in our ward. She had a lot of questions and we got to build a relationship with her and tell her what we do as missionaries! We are having dinner with the Jarvis family tonight and they invited her to come. Hopefully we will get to teach her more about the gospel.
Thursday we went to a less-actives home and had lunch with her. Sister Tipp made a delicious homemade Italian lunch and it was fun to spend some time with her. We talked to her about the sacrament and she said she really wanted to come back to church. Then she did! :)
Saturday we knocked on tons of doors and found many people that were interested and many that were not. It was cool to be able to find people that genuinely want to learn more. We will be teaching a lot of them tomorrow and I'm excited to see where it goes!
Feels like we had summer for about a month and now it's turning into fall! The leaves are already changing and the weather is beautiful! Keep enjoying your summer and send me a letter if you get a second. ;)
Love you all so much!
Sister Collett

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