Monday, July 22, 2013

 don't know if it's because it's summer time and everyone's on the move or what but things are really slowing down over here. It's funny to compare different parts of my mission- like how just a few months ago things were insane and we never had enough time to teach and baptize all the people we were seeing! Aaand now we are mostly knocking on doors in the HUMID heat just desperate for someone to listen to the great news we have to share. 
The work may be slow but our spirits are high! I'm still just happy to be a missionary and love being with Sister Linton. We find joy in the simple things. And when we fight, it's really funny and we always end up laughing. She has five brothers so if she's annoyed with me she'll just tackle me. Actions speak louder than words right?
So there is one guy named Steve who we taught this past week I want to talk about. We found him tracting a while back and gave him a Book of Mormon. We met with him on Thursday and he had read most of 1st Nephi! Smart guy. Oh and we had a lesson in his treehouse! He's an engineer and has a beautiful garden and his office is up in a treehouse he built. Pretty cool to teach the first discussion in a tree. He loves to read and is really open to learning. He has known Mormons in the past and always loves them. So teaching him about the restoration was good and we are going to meet with him again tomorrow hopefully and see how he's doing. He really enjoyed our discussion.
Then there is Antonio. This guy is legit. He's a rap artist and apparently is really good because he's starting to get pretty big in St. Louis. He was a former taught by Elders a long time ago and he was taught everything. The only thing holding him back from baptism was his girlfriend that doesn't believe in the Joseph Smith story. Luckily though we have started to teach him and he is really progressing. This guy has a heart of gold and loves his kids. His little boy has downs and is a little cutie. One of Antonio's concerns is the temptations of the world because of the kind of lifestyle comes with being a musician. He believes in the things he has been taught and wants to follow Jesus Christ. One day while studying in Alma I read a chapter in Alma 5 that I knew was what we needed to share with him. We taught it to him that day and it really got through to him. He was brought to tears and we shared our testimonies and experiences. I have high hopes that Antonio is going to get baptized. We just need to get his girlfriend in on it... and they need to get married. But I have faith! 
Well, have fun soaking up summer everybody! Jump in some water for me! ;) 


Sister Collett

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