Monday, May 13, 2013

Well Monday was Zone P-day so everyone in our zone got to go on a tour of Busch Stadium! It was a pretty cool experience and I liked learning about the history.

Tuesday started eeeearly with Interviews with President Clark. Which went wonderful. He was very impressed with our numbers and that got Sister Adamson and I pretty excited. Then we went to lots of appointments the rest of the day and even found some new investigators. We are continuing to teach John who is still struggling to come to church. He's really nervous about fitting in. So I had the idea (or the spirit gave me the idea) to invite him to have a tour of the church and a lesson in there. The lesson was wonderful and the spirit was so strong as we sat in the chapel. He didn't come to church because he had to go see his mother for Mother's Day but we had a lesson with him after church and it was the last lesson. I told him that we have taught him all the lessons and now the ball is in his court and he needs to pray and decide if he wants this or not. He knows it's true. But he has his agency! So we won't be teaching him anymore... but we want him to meet Donna because her testimony is already so awesome! So we are going to set up a time for them to meet.
Lori has been reading but I don't know if she is willing to actually get on her knees and ask God if this is His church. So we also told her that she needs to read and pray and let us know when she recieves that answer. Because she needs to ask and she hasn't.

The C. family (name removed per request) is progressing. Brian (the guy who didn't believe in God) was invited to pray on his own and ask God if he was real. We stopped by the next day and he told us that he actually prayed. We are excited for this family. I really feel like they are going to get baptized.
Through some tracting we found more investigators and have been teaching a LOT! We just need to keep going and trying to find those that have been prepared by God. Like Donna! She was the only investigator that came to church yesterday even though many others said they would be there. But we can't give up hope! People can change!
Oh and Doris and Larry (old couple we've taught twice) have been reading the Book of Mormon together and are progressing! We get to teach them tomorrow.
:) Life is great! I LOVED getting to skype my family yesterday and seeing everyone was so fun! I am SO grateful for my amazing mother and the wonderful example she is to me! I would not be the person I am today if it weren't for her incredible love. Thank you mom!!!!

Sister Collett

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