Monday, May 6, 2013

We are progressing in all our numbers! We hit or exceeded all of our goals last week and are really doing well. The week started with a lovely visit from our Sister Training Leader (the new equivalent of a zone leader for sisters) and her companion she's training. It's always nice to do exchanges and to get to know other sisters. They helped us out for a day and we got a lot of work done. The best part of it all was when we switched comps, Sister Adamson was forced to open up because the other sister she was put with for half the day was even more shy than her! She had to become a leader and for a little while, got a glimpse of what I do as a trainer and senior companion. It seriously changed her perspective and made her into a better missionary. I love how the Lord always knows exactly what we need.
I can't remember if I talked about Lori last week but she is a lady we are teaching who's daughter recently converted (and is waiting for a missionary) and she wants to know why she can't go to the temple wedding. We had a wonderful lesson with her on Wednesday and a member came. What's cool is that Sister Hutchison (the member that came) had been praying for an opportunity to do missionary work right before we called and asked her to come. The spirit was so strong as we taught about the temple. We taught Lori the restoration in the previous lesson and hope she reads and prays so that she can be baptized and have the opportunity to be at her daughters wedding.
Sister Adamson and I had the opportunity to attend the temple on Thursday- which was so nice! And it was wonderful to think of the blessings of the temple and how much I desire for my investigators to be able to have those blessings. It was a beautiful day at the (DANG IT I forgot my camera :( ... sorry) but I did take pictures and we even saw other sisters there!
John (the guy who didn't have quarters) is progressing. We wanted to get him to come to church and set a date but he is having a hard time committing because he doesn't feel like he has had his prayers answered yet. But members have been at every single one of his lessons and I feel like he will set a date to get baptized as soon as he figures out that the "stirring" he feels is the spirit telling him these things are true. We pray hard for him.
We're teaching an older couple, Larry and Doris, who really liked our first lesson. Sister Adamson and I are getting good at teaching with unity and she is getting more and more comfortable with talking. In fact last night when we taught a lesson she talked just as much, if not more, than me! It was awesome. It is so fun to see her grow in the work!
Now to the good stuff...
Donna :) I don't know if I talked much about her in precious emails but she is the lady that we tracted into who loves fellowship and told us that her salvation is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to her!!! She tells us all the time. When we last taught her we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we had a convert member come and contribute. Members are the key! They add so much to the lesson! After explaining the priesthood and how she needs to be baptized through the proper authority I asked her if she believes the Book of Mormon is true. "I know it is!" She exclaimed. "And I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet! The Lord has made it manifest to me, I know it is!" With so much joy in my heart I quoted the end of the introduction of the Book of Mormon where it states that after receiving a witness of the Book of Mormon- that means that 1. Jesus is the Christ, the Savior of the world. 2. Joseph Smith is his revelator 3. And the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord's kingdom on the earth, preparatory for the second coming of the Messiah.
I then invited her to be BAPTIZED on May 25th and asked if she would prepare for that day. She said yes and asked if she could come to church... HA! Of course you can come to church! We then invited her to kneel down with us and ask God if this Church is true and if this is what He would have her do. She gave the most sincere and wonderful prayer and when my eyes opened everyone was in tears.
The next day she came to church and before the meeting started asked about women not being able to hold the priesthood. We answered as best we could and then Testimony Meeting started. Those testimonies were for her! I have never felt the spirit so strong when listening to testimonies and I know Donna felt it! At the end of the meeting she said that she knew this was right and she was definitely going to get baptized! .... so hard not to scream in the chapel.
In Relief Society they taught about the Family Proclimation and Sisters started to talk about the roles of men and women and why men hold the priesthood and women don't. Donna had her questions answered. I KNOW Heavenly Father loves Donna! I KNOW it! He cares about every single soul so much!!! He is guiding her and helping her to come back to Him!
I love this gospel and I LOVE seeing it touch people and change their lives. "After all has been said, the single most important work is missionary work." -Joseph Smith
Sista out! <3

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