Monday, May 20, 2013

So remember how we all thought it was crazy that after being a missionary for six weeks I was made a trainer? Well here comes baby number two! Wednesday is Transfers and Sister Adamson is going to have a little sister! Oh and Sister Adamson wants to say something to everyone "Your daughter or sister or friend is an amazing missionary and I am so grateful for her. I know the lord is giving her another baby missionary :D because she is such a wonderful trainer and i love her... well thats about it..." 
Awe what a sweetheart! :') She's growing up so fast! I love her!!!! But our new missionary is going to be a visa-waiter... she's really going to Denmark on her mission so we have no idea how long we will have her for. It could be months and it could be days. Only the Lord knows!

Here's an update on our crazy missionary adventure! Our teaching pool fluctuates all the time and now is bigger than ever! (Definition of teaching pool- all of the people that are current investigators that we are teaching.. not including potential investigators) I am actually really excited to get another missionary because then we can go on splits and teach more people! We will divide and conquer! I am determined to baptize the Hell out of this town! Literally!
(Credit for that hilarious joke goes to Alicia Sturges)
Speaking of which, we are having a baptism for Donna Beavers this weekend on Saturday! My first baptism from tracting! Donna is such a strong investigator. She always comes to church and is just so eager to serve God. She builds our testimonies whenever we get to teach her. The ward LOVES her. 
We teach and we find and we teach and we find and when we find we teach and when we teach we find! (man, I love P-days!) We are so blessed and are just trying to get people to keep their commitments. 

One of my favorite people that is having a hard time keeping commitments is John. Oh how I love this guy. We have taught him all the lessons and this week we had him sit in on a lesson with Donna. She just told him straight up that he has to try to come to church haha she's awesome. Later that day Sister Adamson and I were sitting in the car planning while waiting for an appointment and all of the sudden I had this weird feeling. I told Sister Adamson I felt weird and she was like, "Yeah, I feel super weird." Both of us felt strange but we could not figure out why! We knew it was the spirit but we couldn't figure out what it wanted us to do. We called John to see if he was okay and he said he was and that he appreciated us asking. 
The feeling didn't go away and we knew we needed to do something we just didn't know what. So I started to drive home. At this point we were freaking out because the spirit was telling us we needed to be somewhere but we didn't know where. We called John again and asked him where he was and told him we wanted to talk to him. He said he was at the library and that he would be back soon. We hung up the phone but the feeling was getting so strong we couldn't sit still. So we parked the car and started to walk to the library really fast... This was so weird because we had no idea why we felt this way or what was going on but we felt like the Lord was guiding us. 

We couldn't find John at the library and we started to wonder why we walked all the way up there. Then when we turned the corner we saw John walking down the street and was very surprised to see us. We told him we felt like we needed to talk to him and he let us sit down with him at a picnic table to talk. He finally opened up to us and told us about some hard stuff he's been going through and that he didn't know if he could spiritually keep going. He was lacking faith and told us that he had said a little prayer saying "it would be nice to have someone to talk to" and then we showed up. 

His prayers were answered and we talked and learned and prayed. John said the most beautiful and sincere prayer I have ever heard and asked God if he was his son. The spirit was so strong and I told John that we knew each other before we came here and that I promised him I would find him. Sister Adamson and I both bore testimony to him and we all felt the spirit. John is making progress and I have full faith he will rebuild his relationship with his Heavenly Father and he will receive true peace and happiness in this life and eternal life as he strives to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

God cares SO much about all of His children individually and listens to EVERY cry, every plead and every mutter of "please help." He loves us and always wants to help us. He is there and wants us to let Him bless us! All we have to do is obey.


Sister Collett

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