Monday, April 15, 2013

Transfers were crazy. I went in the meeting as a little baby missionary being trained by two incredible missionaries and came out as a trainer with my own little baby missionary that I was going to have to teach and show how to be a missionary. I'm not going to lie and say I wasn't freaking out, because I was. When we left the meeting and I was driving (weird) it took us half the day just to find our apartment because it was in an apartment complex that had one tiny entrance in an odd place. But we made it! We bought some food to last us the rest of the week and got settled.
Day one- Culture Shock!
I've had to become used to the sound of cars and sirens and an ambulance driving by at least once a day. The weather was not welcoming and we had basically no success tracting around houses that I would actually call mansions... I'm not used to seeing people walking around in suits and driving insanely nice cars. In Covington our car was the nicest car for miles! I became comfortable in my first humble area where there were tiny houses and dirty kids. This is just not Covington. BUT!!!! I am staying positive and trying to not think about how EVERYONE and their dog is Catholic and does not want to change. ... Oh Covington, why are you so far away?
NO. I am being positive! I have a baby missionary I have to take care of! And she's precious! Her name is Sister Adamson and she is from Hurricane, Utah. She is very sweet and timid. And very sensitive. So I'm learning to be more sensitive and careful about what I say. Which I'm really excited about because God knows I need to learn to be more sensitive to people's needs. I love this girl and we are going to do great things!
The next couple of days got much better! The sun came out and we were both a lot happier to be in Webster Groves. We organized all our records of potential investigators and spent time walking around the main part of Webster to talk to people and give out as many cards as we could. We met some AWESOME people and it was amazing how many people we talked to that day!
When we ran out of cards we sat down outside of a little cafe that was closed and a kid around our age passed by us and we exchanged our "Hi, how's it going?" and he passed on by. ...I felt like we needed to talk to him so I told Sister Adamson. She questioned if I was sure and by the time we actually got up to catch him we had to run after him... which probably looked weird to a lot of people. Including him. BUT we explained ourselves and told him our purpose and invited him to learn from us. HE ACCEPTED! Yes! We have our first investigator! His name is Dakota and we will be teaching him outside the cafe on Thursday! We were so pumped we had to try really hard not to squeal as we walked away.
Life is good! We get to go to the Zoo today! I AM SO STOKED! But I'm out of time. Love you all! Keep being missionaries!
Love always,
Sister Collett

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