Monday, April 22, 2013

The Lord has truly blessed Sister Adamson and I. We are being directed and guided to people that are willing and ready to learn about the gospel and it is so incredible. There really is nothing cooler than going home and looking back on the day and seeing how the Lord takes us by the hand and shows us where to go and who to talk to. I know that this is the Lord's work because without him, none of this would be possible. The church is growing at the rate that it is because the Lord is hastening his work. We are doing this under his direction through a Prophet of God who knows and loves our Savior. This really is a historical time and I feel so blessed to be a part of it.
This week has been love Sister Adamson week for me. I have really been trying to learn how to love and teach her the way that the Lord would have me. I am not very good at it yet but I know that he is helping me and that I am getting better every day. Again- there is no way I could do this without the Lord. I love him so much!
Sister Adamson is from Hurricane, Utah (by St. George) and has three siblings and a nephew, just like me! But she has a brother who's 12 and a sister who's 4... yep! a lil baby sista! Idk how old her older sis is. But we are very different. Her mother never cooked or cleaned for her and so she loves to eat spaggetti-Os and is good at cleaning. She's a very sweet girl and now that we are into the work we are getting along and enjoying laughing together. She's super young (19) and I am learning to be loving and patient. The best part of training is seeing her grow in the work. She really is learning a lot and at the same time as me. There is still so much that I am trying to learn and figure out and luckily she is patient with me. I really do feel blessed to be learning and growing with her. She is an amazing missionary and is trying so hard. We both are trying hard.
With hard work and obedience we are blessed with success! This week we were lead to find 12 new people to teach! And all of them are black! I love black people!! Seriously, they are so fun! Especially people like Donna :) She is a walking miracle and she just LOVES Jesus and her salvation is SO important to her! She's Babtist but super open to learning more about the gospel. Her son who's 17 was totally up for learning more as well. They are such nice people and she is a GREAT singer. We teach her on Fridays. Oh we do teach one white lady named Lori! Her daughter became a member and is waiting on a missionary. She said we could come teach her but probably won't change... so she thinks ;D
We are teaching a mother named Marla and her three triplets who are 12 years old! She let us in and she said we could come back and when we did we cleaned her house which was a mess. But then she made us lunch and it was a lot of gooood food. Ah! I'm out of time!
We are teaching another lady named Lezlie and she is gonna get baptized!!! Oh yeah! ... we were gonna meet with her today but she said she was too busy. Hopefully tomorrow!
Gretta is a way cool story but I don't have time to tell you about everyone! We need to go shopping for food! Oh and we are playing kick ball under The Arch today! I'm excited to see it :) We are gonna have so much fun.
The ward loves us and takes good care of us.
We're teaching and working hard and trying to be the best missionaries we can be!
Last monday we went to the Zoo :)
Love you all :)
Sister Collett

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