Monday, April 8, 2013

Hey Family!

So mom, I don't have time to read your whole email right now but I'm going to print it out so I can read it in the car and maybe respond in a letter... But I don't think I'll have time to even write letters today because things are so crazy.
The last week is a blur of teaching! We taught almost all of our investigators and our teaching pool is getting bigger. We went on exchanges to Litchfield and had some fun with the Sisters there. But the one thing that has been on all our minds this week is TRANSFERS! We were all anticipating the phone call that would tell us who would become trainers. So as missionaries we go through a 12 week training program. Obviously I have only done half of the program and still have a lot to learn. But that didn't stop God from calling me to become a new trainer! Not only am I going to be training a brand new missionary... I am going to be OPENING A NEW AREA in Missouri! What the heck. I ... me? Um, God must have a LOT of trust in me to do all this as a brand new missionary. What does it mean to open a new area? Just as Sister Lowe and Sister Woodward opened the Covington area where there was no record of missionary work, I am going to a city down by St. Louis that is called Webster Groves. Usually when you come into a new area you look at the records of people that were taught by other missionaries before you got there. When I get to Webster Groves there will most likely be no record of people to teach and no potentials. So what will my little missionary campanion and I do? TRACT. After contacting the Bishop and ward mission leader we will knock doors and PRAY for some kind of teaching pool to form. I know this is going to test me in all aspects of my mission and my faith. The city is not like sweet little Covington where people are living humbly and are in need of a change. I heard Webster Groves is ritsy. It will be so hard to try to get into the homes of rich people who are content with the way life is. I also heard that most people down there are either rich Catholics or rich Jews.  ..... This is gonna be awesome. Really though, I am excited. It's going to be such an adventure to go from such an opposite place. Just uh, keep prayin' for me please! Haha!

How awesome was conference?! Oh it was just so good. I loved hearing some of your insights in emails. Thank you so much for sharing! Yes, I also recognized the theme of the importance of obedience and keeping the commandments. SO important and completely applicable to everyone but definitely missionaries! Obedience really is the key to happiness. I have always felt that way and hope to be able to live it more fully. I would love to share all the insights I received from conference but there just isn't enough time. Mom, I love that you want to have a family home evening on that talk. I will write some of the things I felt was important and send it to you so that I can have a little part in your FHE! :D

I know this letter is way too short but I need to get going because today is our last day with everyone in the district and so we are all going to have a District P-Day and join in a paint fight. Not sure how it's all gonna go down but we will see. It should be lots of fun!

I love all of you soooo much and really appreciate your love, your prayers and your support. Wish me luck on my crazy new adventure in the city! Keep being amazing people! It brings me peace just knowing you are being blessed. Also, thank you SO MUCH for donating so much money to missionary work. I hope that I will be as financially secure when I have a family so that I can contribute as my loving parents have. I know that our family is blessed as we keep our covenants and serve in the church. Thank you for being such wonderful examples to me. I love you all!


Sister Collett

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