Monday, June 16, 2014

What a beautiful week!
Monday was fun Tuesday we had Exchanges and I got to spend the day with one of my favorite missionaries- Sister Scott. She's awesome. We tracted most of the day and then found some new investigators the next day when it was pouring rain! The Lord blesses you when you work hard in the rain. ;) We had so much fun together just laughing and being silly. I love that sister. We had President interviews on Wednesday... President had to mention that it was my last interview with him. :( So sad. I love my mission president. I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

Speaking of wonderful people...
One night we came home and were planning, when the elders called us and said that they needed the miles on our car and that it was an emergency. We were so confused and didn't want to have to go all the way downstairs but he said the zone leaders needed it. So we went down to our car to find it covered in pass-along cards from the 90's. They had used sticky tack to put them all over our windows. They got us. We thought it was pretty funny but wanted to get them back.

So a few days later we chalked their windows and had a blast doing it. We had some other ideas of things we could do but didn't want it to be too mean. We wrote on the window "this means war!" Then this morning they invited us to come to breakfast with the Pittsfield elders and when we came outside our car was written on and covered in string... I was laughing so hard and Sister Sims was saying stuff like, "I'm gonna kill them!!" She was so mad haha :) Now they are going to really get it. :)

I'm so excited for Brenda to get baptized this weekend!!! Life's great. I love being a missionary.
Hope everyone is doing well! Love you all!

Sister Collett

So we had this genius idea to put smelly hand sanitizer on our upper lip to mask the strange smells of people's homes. So funny #missionarylife

Playing Ninja in the Azkaban parking lot.

Elderly beauty pageant for our friend Mary!  We love her.

Using the sugar scrub Elliot made for us.

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