Monday, March 24, 2014

Alright, we found three new investigators this week!!!

Um, Kalina and then two former investigators named Allie and Crystal!
She's back in the game! Allie and Crystal both were just having life problems and that's why they stopped talking to us. We got back in contact with them both and hopefully will be able to help them in the ways that they need. Sorry if my email is really lame today, I have very little time to write because we are about to go roller skating at the roller-rink for zone P-day!!! It's so nuts. I'm excited.
Taira is doing so awesome! We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she said it answered all of her questions. She also said that she know the Book of Mormon is TRUE! :D She  said she knows that what we say is true because she can feel it! Yeah! She also said "yes" to baptism! She came to church on Sunday and loved it.
Jake is doing awesome! He is so excited to get baptized this weekend and said he wants to fly me to St. Louis so I can be there! He's so funny. Man, I wish I could be there so bad! I'm going to write a talk on baptism and Sister Smith is going to be there to read it because she is going to get to go because she is only 20 minutes from where he is getting baptized in St. Louis. I'm so excited for him!
Qing is doing so awesome we decided to move her baptismal date up to the 19th of April. She is so solid and has been to church like five times! She is learning about the commandments right now.
Jamie texted us one day and said she wants to take a break... :( She wants to pray on it and make sure she is doing this for the right reasons. Which is good. I just hope her break doesn't last too long.
Getting back in touch with Crystal was awesome! She definitely still wants the peace that comes with the gospel. She should be coming to FHE tonight with her new roommate Brittany who is a less active that was baptized about a year ago.
Our new investigator Kalina, we found while waiting for the bus! She was really friendly and we just talked to her and invited her to learn more. She's up for anything!

Sister Herdman and I have a lot of fun together! I love being companions with her and learning from her. She is so smart and has a great perspective on life and the world. I love serving the Lord and teaching his children.

I'm sorry this is not a very detailed email but I am just out of time. It's starting to warm up here, which makes me really happy. The flowers are starting to bloom and I love feeling the sunshine!

Hope everyone is doing well! I will hopefully have a more fun email next week. Love you all!

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