Monday, March 3, 2014

A nice big ice storm decided to roll in at the beginning of the week and covered everything. This wasn't like the last ice storm... it was much worse. You couldn't walk around without slipping it was just impossible. I totally felt like Bambi. So a lot of our appointments were cancelled and we had to find other ways to keep busy. There were some awesome members who helped us drive to less-actives homes to see if they wanted to come back to church or not. The people we found didn't want to come back and the people we didn't find, we now know they don't live there. So we accomplished something. 

We did a lot of service again and spent some time with the members. It's great to feel like you are really helping people when you feel the spirit guide your lessons. 
Church almost got cancelled again because of the ice. This time it didn't though! Our Branch President is so cool. Our church was the only one that didn't cancel that day. And we had an awesome testimony meeting. 

We tried to find some creative ways to contact people on campus but we ended up just going what we normally do. Talk to people till we freeze. It's so fun haha! Some people showed interest but mostly I just developed a testimony of member missionary work. We NEED our members to share the gospel with their friends. The likelihood of someone learning about the church from a total stranger is so not good. But if people hear about the truth from a friend who loves them - it's bound to go a lot better. The need for member missionary work is so immense right now. 

I'm sorry this email is not the greatest. I am running out of time and don't know what all to say. I just know that my testimony is strengthened every day I'm out here and I love serving the Lord. 
Our investigators are going to be at church next week. I am determined to make that happen. The Church is so true!!!!!!! Thanks to everyone who prays for the missionaries. I know that God hears and answers prayers. Iove you all! Have a wonderful week!!! :)

Sister Collett

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