Monday, February 17, 2014

Well, I have officially been on my mission for a year now. Crazy, right?? I wish I could do a nice recap of the last year and all the things I've learned but there just isn't enough time. AND I have so much to tell you all about this week! 
Thursday was my year mark and it was the most exciting day I have had in this area! We met with Crystal and set a new baptismal date with her for the 22nd of March. We had a great lesson and she seems to be doing really well. Then we met with our NEW INVESTIGATOR Jake. :) He is golden. He's been taught before and so he has already finished the first Book of Nephi in the Book of Mormon. He says he loves going to church and loves how he feels when he reads the Book of Mormon. He also said that his family is strong Catholic and how it would be really hard for them to accept him being Mormon. But he already has a testimony of it and just needs the courage to act. He's a really good kid and has a lot of friends that are Mormon. We are excited to meet with him again this week. 
The other university sisters made us dinner that night for my year mark, which was really nice. Then we had a lesson with our other investigator Jamie! She is so set to be baptized and really wants it. We went over the baptismal interview questions and she was really excited that she believed it all to be true. We are so excited for her to be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. 

I love holidays. Thanks to my mother and the wonderful packages she sends I'm able to go all out and decorate the apartment and celebrate to the fullest. Our apartment is so decked out in hearts it's crazy. And we had all the things we needed to have a wonderful day. In the morning we heard a knock on our door and our District Leader and his companion brought us our favorite cookies from hot box!! It made us so happy!! 
Sister Smith and I decided to make dinner for the other set of sisters. We made red velvet pancakes along with eggs, bacon and sausage. Oh and I made cupcakes :)

Then I got sick and the rest of the week I have not felt very good. But a member came and brought me stuff to make me feel better and that was really nice. :) Oh and I burned a pair of leggings to celebrate my year mark. They had holes in them. Sorry if this email sounds kind of weird, I'm still not feeling well. But hey, the sun is out and it's p-day :) All is well.

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