Monday, February 10, 2014

This week went by the fastest it's ever gone by since I've been here. It was awesome! Last Monday our investigator Jamie came to Family Home Evening with us to do service at the Food Bank! We bagged hot dogs aaand I will never look at hot dogs the same. Especially the cheese-filled dogs.. ew. Haha! Wednesday night we met with Jamie at the institute and we set up the couches and projector to watch the Restoration movie with her and another sister in the branch named Hannah. The spirit was strong and she really liked the movie. She said that the whole time she was watching it she just kept things, "I need to pray and ask". And so that night she went home and she did just that. We told her it would be good to try kneeling and praying out loud. When we met with her again on Friday she was excited to tell us about her experience praying. 

She said she went all out and prayed kneeling at her bed-side and offered up the desires of her heart. She said that she felt like she just needed to keep talking and so she talked to Him about her family and everything. She said it felt so good that she cried. She was so happy to tell us and said it was an amazing experience. I was so proud and happy that I got up and hugged her! She's been doing so wonderful praying and reading and she said she would definitely be at church this Sunday! We also invited her to come with us to a baptism the next day and she came. It was a great experience and she said she really enjoyed it. She seemed excited for when it would be her turn. 

She also told us that her boyfriend that lives in Utah surprised her and is flying here for Valentine's Day! She was so so so happy and that of course made me very happy. Sunday came and we were waiting to see if she'd really come. I kept looking at my watch as we listened to the prelude music. I started to get nervous as it became closer to 10 o'clock. "Jamie's here!" Someone said. I looked and there she was coming through the back door. Sigh of relief! Oh it was so good to see her there finally! And she was even wearing a dress! She looked so nice!

Sacrament meeting was absolutely amazing. The talks were based on the gospel of Jesus Christ- which is the foundation of our Church. Baptism and confirmation were the key points and we also were blessed to see the young man get confirmed who was baptized the day before. He looked so happy and Jamie said she could feel the spirit. The talks were so powerful. Oh and I was even quoted in one of them! That made me feel really good and that I have been able to help people grow in their knowledge of the gospel. When sacrament was over I was surprised to see a completely filled room behind me! But added more to my joy was how many people I didn't recognize! There were new faces and many people had brought friends! 

Sister Smith and I noticed that there was a familiar face that really surprised us. It was Jake! The really nice Catholic guy who had shown up a couple of weeks ago with some friends. Turns out he wanted to come back because of how good he feels when he is there and he said he had already taken three of the missionary lessons back in St. Louis!!!!! Wha!?? So we got his number and he said he would love to meet with us but that he needed to check his schedule and get back to us. Oh I was so happy. I can't wait to teach him!!!! He's so golden! Then before he left church at the end he thanked us and said he loved being there! The Church is so true!! Haha, I love it!

One other quick thing. There is this girl named Sam who is the Relief Society President and she helps us with everything. I mean everything. If we need a ride, she's there. In fact she'll be the one taking us grocery-shopping today! :) One morning she said she was having a not-so-good day and asked if we could meet for a bit. Of course we were happy to and Sister Smith and I prayed to know what to talk to her about. We planned what we felt she needed and met up with her to talk. The spirit was really strong and I didn't know at the time but she later texted us and said that it was EXACTLY what she needed to hear. I love moments like that where I know without a doubt that God loves his children so individually and knows just what they need. :)

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