Monday, September 30, 2013

Sister Huppi and I have a new saying that I just adore. It came about when we started our new adventure as biking sister missionaries haha :) Oh that first day was so fun! Yes dad, I still know how to ride. ;) Our Zone Leaders are awesome and found me a bike I can use that has been passed around the mission. It's a little tall for me but it works. It's a nice bike and I have an awesome helmet that looks great on me. Oh I'm so grateful for those Elders. Sister Huppi is kinda small so we needed to find her a little bike... and she got it! A member found one on craigslist for free and it's awesome. Super retro and a little squeeky. :) I never have to worry if she isn't behind me because I can hear her squeaking along. We laugh and smile and whenever we have a struggle or laugh about how cool we look in our helmets we exclaim, "I love it Lord, I love it! And we really do. We even rode our bikes all the way to the soup kitchen on Friday - which was an adventure. Luckily the weather has been so beautiful and I really love being outside. It's so nice to get some exercise. 

This week we taught a lot of people and found five new people to teach. Our investigators are doing great and we now have three people preparing for baptism this month. Woop! October is here! :) Thursday night a sister from my first area in Covington, Indiana came and took us out to dinner. Her name is Sister Blew and she is the relief society president over the Danville ward. She works at the U of I and so it's fun to see her sometimes. The place we went had handmade milkshakes and they were sooo good. Sister Blew wanted some and proceeded to quote the Bible.. kinda. She said, "The milkshake beguiled me, and I did eat." Basically I love the people I have met on my mission and am so glad that I have been blessed with so many friends. 

Ugh, I'm out of time. :( But the scriptures are amazing and I'm learning so much! I want to write about how great they are! I love the gospel and want to encourage everyone to watch General Conference this coming week! And PLEASE invite your friends!! This is an amazing opportunity to invite people to listen to the Lord speak through his prophet! I'm so excited and hope you all enjoy it! Love you!

Sister Collett

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