Monday, September 23, 2013

Remember how I said I would be surprised at whatever happens with transfers? Well, I've never been this surprised! Luckily, Sister Huppi and I are staying here and together- YAY! But yesterday the Zone Leaders gave us some exciting news... We now have unlimited miles! Why? Because we will no longer have a car to drive. University 2 has now become a biking area! Hahaha! They are taking our car! We are going to be biking sisters!! What the heck?! Talk about a crazy curve ball. Man, the Lord always surprises me with how much he loves me. "Ask and ye shall receive" has gained new meaning to me on my mission. I'm just spoiled by him! Whatever I need he gives me- in this case it was a way to lose weight! So he takes my car. I'm still a little in shock because I didn't think I would ever be without a car because usually all the sisters get cars, but now that there are so many missionaries we don't have enough! 
So today will be spend looking for cheap bikes and helmets... ca. ra. zy.
How are we gonna get to the store? Everything is super spread out! And it's turning into fall/winter already! lol Oh gosh. Good thing I love adventure! Sister Huppi is stoked :) That sister was born for missionary work. She has so much energy!!! Sometimes it's hard to keep up with her. But I love it because she pushes me to be better.
Sad news about Rachel... her mom was not happy when she told her she wanted to get baptized and now she isn't allowed to come to any activities or be taught by us. :( That is the fifth person I have set a baptismal date with on my mission who couldn't do it because of parents. Sigh, if only they knew the joy and blessings they are keeping their children from. But! It is in the Lord's time and in his own way. I trust him.
Anna didn't show up to her lesson and we don't have any way to contact her other than email because she doesn't have a phone... BUT! We won't give up!
We were blessed with investigators being handed off to us by the Elders this week. The Urbana Elders gave us a group of people living in a house... It's just a bunch of unmarried couples. But they are awesome and totally listen to everything we've been telling them and Kamario is this 20 year old kid who is just loving what we teach. He asks great questions and is reading the Book of Mormon! They all wanted to come to church buuut when we went with a member to pick them up they were all asleep... Next week! :) They will come.
Wednesday night Dominique came to institute! I think she liked it. :) Later in the week we taught her the commandments and the word of wisdom and she was totally committed to living them! So great. Then on Sunday when she came to church- guess what the talks and lessons were on... keeping the commandments and the word of wisdom! So solid. 
Thursday we taught a new investigator named Chris who was being taught by the Elders until he decided that he wanted to try being taught by sisters since he's been taught by Elders for so long. He's ready and wants to be baptized but has some things holding him back. His girlfriend Ali- who is less active has been a great person to have at our lessons. She needs to hear the gospel just as much as he does. He needs to give up smoking and strengthen his faith. We were going to set a baptismal date with him tomorrow but he just told us he's moving to Hawaii. What? Ugh! Okay... dang it! 
That's okay, we will make sure he gets in contact with the missionaries over there. He will be okay. :)
We had seven appointments all in a row on Thursday- so fun! Regan is no longer keeping her commitments. We decided to take a new rout and see if she will teach us what she believes. We'll see where that goes but I have faith that these things are inspired.
Qiuyuan came to home evening monday and is really doing well. She didn't come to church this weekend because it was a Chinese holiday but we taught her Thursday about the gospel of Jesus Christ. She had great questions and we are excited to teach her again. She's still solid for being baptized on the 12th. Oh and Dominique changed her date to the 19th because she wants it to be close to her birthday as a present to herself. Which is cool. Just need to keep praying and staying strong.
Shannon is doing awesome! She is praying and learning and was totally planning on coming to church but got sick and couldn't come. Which stinks because President Bednar (Elder Bednar's son) came and spoke and it was way good. He spoke about becoming what God wants us to be and how the gospel isn't a checklist or a list of do's and don'ts. We are all trying to become like God and Jesus Christ. I love that.
K, now onto a good story. Soup Kitchen Friday!!! So this week were were all assigned different jobs and Sister Huppi was busing while I did soup. There are two kids of soup and so Elder Smith was manning the other soup. But for some reason, when we would ask people which soup they wanted, my chicken and rise soup was all that people wanted! Poor Elder Smith held the same empty bowl for a long time. He'd smile big and hope someone would want the beef and noodles but they would always want my soup. After a while we decided to switch to see what would happen so that hopefully the Elder would get to serve some soup! All of the sudden everyone wanted beef! Hahaha- his face :'D So funny! "What the heck? Why does everyone love sisters?!" the Elder exclaimed. The other missionaries around us started to notice what was going on and it became a fun little experiment. Elder Anderson (our ZL) told me to switch him jobs to see what happens if it's two Elders serving soup. Elder Smith is a little guy that looks like the napster guy in the movie "The Italian Job" and Elder Anderson is about 6'4'' and half black. At this point all the missionaries in there different jobs are watching to see what happens.
Elder Smith got to give out 2 bowls of soup while he was serving with Elder Anderson haha! We switched it back to me and he didn't give out any. Then Elder Frances wanted to take on the challenge to see if he could serve soup against me. (Haha, soup story.. I guess you kinda had to be there but I thought it was memorable.) Basically we concluded the fact that Sister are just better at serving soup. The End.
There's a return sister missionary in the branch named Christina who served in the visitors center in Mesa, Arizona. She is basically an angel and is always doing missionary work and helping us out. The other day when an appointment went through she decided to take us and her friend that we are teaching to the Curtis Apple Orchard! Anna who is also a member of the branch came and we had so much fun! We made sure to take lots of pictures and the apple slushies were sooo good! We ate a huge bag of kettle corn and had the best apple doughnuts I've ever eaten in my life. We taught her friend Kate a lesson on gratitude and also found a referral for the Rantoul Elders. There was a guy with a BYU shirt and we asked him if he was Mormon. Said no and that he was just a huge fan. We told him about what we do as missionaries and got his info to pass onto the Elders serving where he lives. Woop!
Now I have to go because the day is going and we need to find bikes! AHHH!! Still can't believe it! What the heck am I going to wear?!?!? Haha :) Missions are so fun. 

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