Monday, June 10, 2013

I don't know Zac's email so can someone please tell him I said "Happy Birthday" and I love him like crazy!!
thanks ;)

Exciting things are happening over here! Remember John? Well... HE'S GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!!!! He finally decided to act and he's goin' all the way! He's pretty nervous but there's no way he's backing out. He's such a solid guy. We are super excited! I can't wait to be able to send you pictures of him dressed in white! And Jez! The guy with the cute little family- he's getting baptized the same day so we are just going to have a double baptism! Pretty sweet huh? Jez's mom, who's not a member, is visiting and came to church and is super supportive of his discussion and is excited that they are all going to church! A little miracle happened with that family that I want to talk about. 
So the last lesson we taught this family was on Tithing and Fasting. The lesson went well but they were really afraid to obey this commandment because they are struggling financially. But we explained the blessings that come from paying that ten percent and we left the lesson not knowing if he would still get baptized. Then we called them on Sunday before church to see how they felt about it. They said they had talked and prayed about it and that "if it's what God wants- we'll do it!" Such an awesome attitude!!! We were so happy to hear that they had made this decision. It's hard to pay tithing but I know that as they keep the covenants and promises they make- their little family will be so blessed! I can't wait to send you pictures of them! 
This week is going to be great! Brian is doing well but it's a slow process. I really wish we could be there for his baptism but he doesn't feel ready yet and transfers are next week.
So this week is a short transfer with the new Mission President coming in. I am probably going to a different area so if you want to send me anything just send it to the mission home and I will pick it up next Wednesday at transfer meeting. 
Cool story number two! ALL of the missionaries that are supposed to go to Denmark with Sister Rigby got their visas and are gone. Except for her. She's the only one left and we know exactly why. We met up with John and she asked him if he had been praying that she would be here for his baptism. He was like, "Yeah, why?" and we were like, "Well, God answers prayers!" We still don't know how long Sister Rigby will be in St. Louis but we know it's long enough to see John get baptized. I love this work and being a part of it as it is being hastened. Thank you for your prayers, I know they are being answered as well. 
Have a great week everyone! 
Oh and here are some pictures of my area to give you an idea of what it's like. Love it.


Sister Collett

(More pictures to come as we figure out formatting of a new camera)

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  1. I am Jez's wife and i am so very greatful to have had Sister Collett come into our house!! She was so passionate and very respectful. I grew up in the church and have never been around some that was so passionate about Heavenly Father. We had our struggles with getting my husband baptized but he is and now holds a calling in the church!! I am so proud of him and thank Sister Collett everyday that i pray!! We love you and MISS you so much sister!!!