Monday, March 4, 2013

Dear everyone I love,
Thank you so much for your prayers because everything has been absolutely amazing! And I'm not just saying that. I don't think I have been even remotely sad or negative since I first placed my badge on my chest. What an incredible opportunity it is to bare Jesus Christ's name and next to my family name. I am so proud to be a Collett and a desciple of Jesus Christ.
So quess where I am right now. Really, Everyone think about my mission boundaries and guess where I am. Because it isn't Missouri and it isn't Illinois. Haha! I'm in that tiny little upper right-hand corder of the mission in Indiana! I'll tell you how I got here really quick. After flying in to St. Louis and being greated by my amazing new mission Presidents and Sister Clarks loving hug we were taken to the mission home to let the Elders settle in and then the sisters all went to a hotel. This is the biggest group they have ever had and so our first night we were spoiled and got to sleep in nice hotel beds. The next day was Transfer Meeting and I was the first to come up to the microphone to read off my companions name and the area I was going to. I got a huge hug from Sister Lowe and Sister Woodward! Yep, I am in a tri-panionship! And I couldn't be happier! Walking around people introduced themselves to me and said I had the best trainer their is. And they were all right. The three of us were definitely meant to be together. Sister Lowe is from Virginia and has been out for 14 months. Sister Woodward is just two months older than me and has been out since January so we are both being trained. But man, she is an incredible missionary. She is from Utah and we are all so different but we definitely mesh well.
So after meeting them we went with a member that drove them and got lunch in St. Louis before embarking on our 4 hour drive to my new home in Indiana! So get this, our area is very large and spread out but there is only one church out here. There are very few members and almost everyone in the ward is a convert. The church is actually over the line in Illinois and because of the time difference, we are always planning two different times. Like all the Elders are over in places that go off of illinois time but a lot of the members live over where we are in Covington. Haha, it's so weird. But I'm catching on! My companions are so patient and loving. And we have already done so much good.
Once we arrived to our apartment Thursday evening we went to our first appointment with the Carron family. We walked into the tiny house and I was immediately humbled. Everything was dirty and small and sad looking. Cockroaches were everywhere and all the little boys running around looked dirty but sweet. I have never loved a little family so much in my life. We taught them the restoration and the spirit was so strong. The oldest boy Branden said he tried reading from the Book of Mormon. I asked him how it made him feel. "Different" he said with a smile. Sister Lowe asked, "Like a 'good' different?" he replied with a big smile and said yes. I explained that that was the Holy Ghost telling him that the book was true. We continued the lesson and Sister Woodward taught the restoration portion breifly... then I had this insane desire to recite the first vision because she had left that part out. I knew then what the spirit was telling me to do. I asked if I could say something and recited the first vision to them. The spirit in the room grew even stronger. I bore my testimony about the restoration and the Book of Mormon. Then I asked both of them if they woud follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by the proper priesthood authority.They both said yes! And with gladness! Oh what a great feeling that was! We set a date and then read from the Book of Mormon with them. This experience changed my life. Sitting in that room I could honestly feel the intense love that Heavenly Father has for the Carron family. I loved them. Before I even talked to them I loved them and I love them even more as I pray for them constantly. The next day we went to talk to the mom and she said she had read from the Book on her own and knew it was true. She prayed about it. We went through the baptismal questions with her and she is definitely going to be ready.
That all happened within the first couple of hours of being in the field! You think that's good? Wait till you hear about the next day! TRACTING. Everyone was letting us in their houses! I don't know what the deal was, maybe our crazy faith but people actually listened to us! At first when we started not many people were home. Then I knocked on a door that opened. "Hey, sorry to bother you.." I smiled and couldn't finish because he was already telling us to come in. Ron Stevens was taught the first lesson and I know I said things during that lesson that only the spirit would have me say. I taught what Christ would have taught. It was incredible. We invited him to read the Book of Mormon, pray to know it is true and to be baptized a member of Jesus Christ's church. He said he would. The next house, totally let us in. A couple houses down we were let in to the next house. At this point we were out of Book of Mormon's and said we would come back to bring it to these two 14 year-old boys. Then we had dinner at a members home the Sullivan's and invited them to do a family mission plan we are implimenting for members. They were excited.
Then we went to Morgan's house and taught her and Sister Sullivan went with us. Morgan is 19 and newly married. She is an investigator that my companions found a month ago tracting. She is getting baptized this Saturday! Basically, the field is white here already to harvest and we are always busy! I love it! The next couple of days weren't as insanely miraculous but still had miracles. The members help out so much and take such good care of us. This little town is so cute and OLD. We are in the sticks out here haha but our apartment is nice. I love teaching the people out here. I love teaching. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! But it is also nice to have P-Day :)
We cleaned our apartment this morning and after this I get to go to the store finally! Haha, don't worry, I haven't been starving. But now I can get enough food to last the week instead of just the weekend. Anyway... Oh!
Mom, if you have my phone still I would like it if you could look on it in my notes and find my recipe for Santa Fe Stew. I also took a picture of it as well so you can look in my pictures if you don't find it in my notes.
Also, my new address is
Sister Alexa Collett
115 Washington Street
Covington, Indiana 47932
If you want to send a package of my journals and exercise ball n such you can send it to the mission home and I can get it when we go down for zone conference at the end of this month. That would be awesome. And send me a letter or two to tell me how you are all doing ;) Miss you guys!
Oh my gosh, I have so many stories to tell you! And it hasn't even been a week yet! There's just too much to say in so little time. But just know I am happy as can be and I love being out here! The Book of Mormon is TRUE! Zachary, you need to read this book. I promise it will change your life. If you want a testimony, read it! You will KNOW that Christ really lives. That he really does love you and that the gospel changes you. I promise that there is nothing better in this life than the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that it's true! But you can't know until you are willing to ask and act on that answer. I love all of you more than I could ever express. I want us all to do more missionary work. Mom and dad, maybe you could make profiles on Get into family history! Mom, you can use indexing to SAVE SOULS! .... Sorry, I keep using all caps but I am just really excited about all this. I promise you, as a representative of Jesus Christ, that doing missionary work with bring you closer together as a family and it will bring you closer to God. When we were baptized we made the promise to "stand as witnesses of God." this means being a missionary.
I just started to read the Book of Mormon again. What if we all started together again as a family? Then we can talk to each other about the things we learn and the blessings that we see come from reading. Anyway. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help strengthen you or our family. This is a great work and we are so blessed to be a part of it. Woohoo!
I love this Gospel.I love my Savior and I love all of you! Keep on smiling!
Love always,
Sister Collett

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