Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hey everyone! Sister Collett here!
Thank you so much for all the letters you sent through DearElder. They made me so happy and really added to my week. I have been in the MTC for a week and a day now and am enjoying my very first P-Day. SO nice to take a rest from all the studying and practicing and sitting. Mom, I am going to try to answer all of your questions you sent me. First of all, I LOVE my companion!!!!!! Her name is Sister Wilcox and I know that Heavenly Father knew that we would be the best MTC companions for each other! She is an amazingly sweet person and we get along so well. Her and her example have really taught me charity, patience, kindness, and what it means to listen to the spirit. I have been so humbled at the MTC, the spirit here does that to you. I have learned more in the last week than I could ever imagine! The work is hard and definitely exhausting, but I have never enjoyed something so much! The best part is working with progressive investigators who come to the MTC to be taught by missionaries in training. This experience has made me so excited to get out into the field and love the people of my mission. Yes mom, my clothes are working out great but I am definitely not the cutest dressed sister here! These girls know how to work the new standards! My district is INCREDIBLE! We are the second district to have two weeks in the MTC ever and the FIRST district in the MTC to ever have more sisters than Elders. What's great is that I am living in the same room as the other sisters in my district and we have all grown so close to one another.
Being Coordinating Sister is awesome! We just received a new group of 24 missionaries into our zone yesterday and it was so fun to welcome them and help them get settled. It's so weird being one of the "experienced" missionaries now because I feel like we just got here! We leave on Tuesday and I bought a call card so that I can call home at the airport before I leave. Our flight is on Tuesday the 26th at 9:30 a.m. and I will probably call an hour or so before we depart. So I will call home first, hoping that you will be home and I will get to talk to as many of you as possible! If Ell and Roy and Camden wanna come I would love to hear from them! So happy Ell and Roy got to enjoy valentine's day together. MOM! Valentine's Day was SO fun because of you! That bag full of love was spead all over the MTC! We decorated our classroom so well I took pictures for you! I don't have time to upload pictures now (they have a timer on the computer haha) but I will send some once I am in the field.
The food here is awesome!!! But we don't get to workout very much so I think I'm gaining more than just a stronger testimony. Haha! Oh and yes mom, I have been taking my fish oil pills every night and have involved all my roomies in my back exercises. So fun. The spirit here is amazing and I have already seen so many incredible things happen that have strengthened my knowledge of the Savior even more. I love being a part of this work, especially at such a historical time. The scriptures have really come to life for me and I just could not be happier. I know that the Lord is blessing me in my efforts and I am trying to be as obedient as I can. Our Branch Presidency and their wives are wonderful. I am so grateful for all the people who are here at the MTC furthing the Lord's work. We get to go to the temple today and I am so excited. It will be nice to take the time to unwind. Sorry mom, I can't think of the other questions you asked me... Just know that I am sooooo happy and I love you all more than I could ever express! Pleeeease give Camden a big hug and a kiss for me and tell him I love him so much! In fact, you should teach him to say my name, just say it to him all the time. :)
The fireside's and the talks given here get you SO pumped to share the gospel!! Hoooly hannah it's amazing! We've watch a couple of talks from Elder Holland that blew my mind. Look on youtube and try to find a video called .... I think it's "The Atonement and Missionary Work" look for it. It's something like that but it is so powerful. In fact, maybe you could all have a family home evening about the atonement and what it means to share the gospel. I kow it would bring you closer to our Savior and get you excited for missionary work too. Well I am running low on time so I need to finish up. But just know that I am working very hard and really trying to stretch and grow so that I can be the best missionary I can be and the best disciple that my Savior would have me be. I feel so incredibly blessed to be involved in this work and to have the gospel in all it's fullness. Think about all those during the great apostacy who never had the chance to make everylasting covenants. Such a big deal! THANK YOU ALL for your love and support! I need it and love you all so much!!! Stay happy and live well. :)
Sister Collett

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