Monday, May 5, 2014

Here are some quick highlights:
We got seven new investigators!!!
Two came to church... eight said they would.
We met a guy that claims to be a prophet and he preached to us and spoke in tongues... it was so weird haha!
We went tracting for my first time in a long time and the first door was an old man not wearing pants... typical Jacksonville. So funny.
We teach old people all the time and I'm getting a little better at signing.
It was just an awesome week. My companion and I are so different but we have so much fun together and we work hard.
I love life and love you all!!!!! Talk to you next wek!

Sister Collett

PS - Just got to send these pics of the house we used to live under...  :-)

Also, Mom, look what I've done with all of the postcards you've sent me!

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