Monday, April 7, 2014

This past week has been nuts! Totally filled with miracles! I love the Lord so much!
It's getting harder for me to write these big weekly emails because I write in my personal journal so much I feel like it's all been said. But I will pick out the good stuff that you might like to hear about.
Our recent convert Jake is a total beast and wants to be a missionary NOW. So he helps us with almost all of our appointments, has introduced us to a friend and has even gone contacting with us around campus. He's so on fire! 

We met with Allie a couple of times and she is still having a hard time opening herself up to Jesus Christ. She still believes that there are many different paths that one can take to reach happiness and we are working on just putting good things into her life. We are going to try to help her with her addictions so that the spirit can get to her more easily. 

Qing is doing AWESOME and is growing SO much in the gospel! She is understanding a lot more now that she reads the Book of Mormon in Chinese and English. She even had her two friends come to an appointment and they both took Chinese copies of the Book of Mormon. Qing is so excited for this gospel to fill China eventually. 
Qing even came to both sessions of conference on Sunday and we had a laptop set up so she could hear it in Chinese. She said she learned a lot and really liked it.

We found a new investigator named Etienne! He is from Africa and is here studying for his first semester at Mizzou. He speaks English but has a thick French accent. We taught him the restoration and he loved it. He said he grew up Catholic and has always been wanting more of the truth and more of God's word. He accepted the invitation to be baptized when he knows that it is true. 

Taira is doing amazing. She also came to conference and is now ready to be baptized this weekend. She has been taught all the lessons and we got to go to a baptism with her so she could see what it will be like. She is such a strong individual and will lead her family to the truth and happiness of this gospel. 

General Conference was wonderful. I feel like I learned so much and just felt renewed. Each session was rich with the spirit and gave me peace and direction. If you haven't been able to view any part of conference I highly suggest going to to watch or read it. I am excited for the Ensign to come out with them so I can read and study each talk again. I'm so grateful for a modern-day Prophet that leads Christ's Church. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and redeemer of the world and that He lives! I love how the gospel blessed families and know that because of the restoration, my family can be together forever. I am so grateful for my mission and the chance I have to serve the Lord full time. I'm so grateful for the support and love of my family and friends. I know that all things are possible through Christ as we rely and have faith in Him. :) I am happier than I have ever been before! The Church is TRUE!

Fun at the pet shop!

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