Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Donna had to move her baptism to THIS weekend because she couldn't get work off. She was sad because she is SO excited to get baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. So it is definitely happening this weekend and we are all excited. We are inviting a lot of our investigato.. wait. Donna doesn't like being called an "investigator" she wants us to call them "seekers". Haha! Love her.
We have been teaching a part member family for a while now. The mom, Brindi, was less-active and married a non-member. They have four adorable little kids and she wants the gospel in her life and in her families lives. She invited us to teach her daughter because she is seven and is preparing to get baptized but now we are teaching her father Jez. We have taught them a lot and we committed Jez to be baptized on the 15th of this month!! Then after he is confirmed on Sunday and when he gets the priesthood he is going to baptize his daughter! When he said he would get baptized his wife was crying and the spirit was so strong that he started to cry. Then the whole little family was just hugging and smiling together because we told them that they could be an eternal family! They are striving to do all they can to get to the temple to be sealed as a family for time and all eternity. 
That is what the Church is all about! Bringing families and individuals back into the presence of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It's about true and everlasting happiness. I am so grateful for my parents and that they taught me the gospel in our home. I love this Church and I'm so grateful for our Savior who made it this all possible. 

Guess who finally came to church this week!!! John! Oh my gosh, that was a wonderful day. We had a lot of "seekers" there and it was really exciting. He's finally moving forward and tonight we are going to meet with him and set a baptismal date for the 15th as well. We have taught him everything and met with him a lot. Now he needs to act and ask God if this is right. He's had a hard time praying and we hope that Sunday made some things change for him. We will see though! I really hope he says yes!

We taught Brian yesterday and he is really making progress. He reads and studies a lot and always has questions for us. I love how much effort he is putting in to find the truth for himself. We found out that he smokes... funny we never realized that. I have no idea how they hid that from us. But he wants to quit and I know that with the Lord's help he can do anything! We tried to set a date for the 22nd and he wasn't comfortable with it and wanted to talk to his wife first. But he wants this. I know he wants to be a member and he wants to have a testimony of his own. We taught him about fasting and he said that he is going to fast and come to church on Sunday in hopes that he will receive his answer that this church is true. I am so excited for him to receive revelation for himself. Today he called me and said, "I made my first highlight in the Book of Mormon today!" It was so fun to hear him excited about Alma 32:21, which talks about faith. He is an incredible seeker and will definitely "find".

Jennifer is another person we are teaching. She has had all the lessons and has read the Gospel Principles book. She is a good family friend to a young family in the ward and she loves the spirit that she feels in their home. She wants the blessings of the gospel and keeps all of her commitments! She prays and reads and comes to church and I am so excited for her to have a date set for her to be cleansed from all her sins and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. The Lord loves his children so much. I am so excited when we can all live together again "in a state of never-ending happiness."

Now to tell you about my new little Dane :) Our new missionary waiting for her visa for Denmark is awesome. Such a blessing to have in this companionship and I love having more help with all these people we are teaching. 

We keep finding more to teach and I didn't even tell you about the Houston family! Gah! We are busy! But that's how it should be. ;) 
Thanks for all the prayers! As you can tell from what I just wrote- they are definitely working! 

"Let go and let God"

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